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Whether you compete at an international level, are a young athlete coming through the ranks within your sport or simply play for recreational purposes, you'll appreciate that 1 inch or 1 hundredth-of-a-second can be the difference between winning and losing. So how can you gain that extra edge within your sport?

The answer is Velocity's Sports Performance Programme. We design our programmes by taking the specific movements of our clients sport and genetic make-up into consideration. We then build an individual programme aiming to improve performance by increasing speed and power, whilst also identifying and addressing areas of weakness and instability to help reduce the potential for injury.

Our aim is to train our athletes using functional movements, that mirror the demands of their sport whilst also using the latest technology and equipment. With our knowledge and the use of our private studio we can guarantee that athletes of any level can reach the peak of their performance without any distractions.

At Velocity Performance we use the latest motion analysis technology to assess the movements and performance levels of all of our athletes.

The first step for us is to record and analyse the specific movements that our athletes perform within their sports. From here we can identify and address areas of instability and build individual training programmes that reduce the potential for injury and improve biomechanical performance.

Using specific software we can build individual performance tests where we can assess improvements in turning, acceleration, deceleration or any other sport specific movements or skills.